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3 games in a row online will be of interest to both adults and children of all ages. Games in this category combined weight so it's children's cartoons that are of interest to the smallest, and a treasure hunt pirates who will not leave indifferent even the teenagers.The first mention of the game still belongs to the Roman times. The first electronic version was invented in 1974 by the Japanese Okumura. Its current form game has gained recently, but in spite of this game is very deep roots. Games online 3 in a row belong to casual puzzle games, got massive popularity due to its simplicity and flexibility. The essence of the game is moving the pieces on the field and drawing lines or chains of three or more elements. The game space is a pattern of squares, hexagons. Getting victory being accomplished in a number of requirements, such as the recruitment of the required number of points, putting certain items in the correct position or the collection of triples for the selected cells. Ways of making this somewhat, moving the two chips are swapped playing field, it is possible if the two figures already form a chain. Method of isolation can delete items, finding a ready-made chain and series. There are a number of games where the destruction of chips held by their rotation, like Chuzzle.For more complex games, a variety of forms of the field, in some parts of which are extremely difficult to make a chain. Another way is to use frozen or bound in chains of cells that constitute an obstacle to the formation of the series. Under certain conditions this becomes a regular feature. At certain points in the game you can use the bonus, destroying one or more chips, destroying obstacles, painted in the same color group, it greatly simplifies the process of the formation of chains. Bonuses appear in the recruitment of the required number of game points, find the corresponding symbol on the field.

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