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Angry birds game is known to most fans of online games, and all thanks to the unpretentious gay story, great graphics and a good mood, which gives the game. But ... first things first. Angry birds applies to games to puzzles, the game was released on the market by the Finnish company Rovio Mobile. The essence of the game is to shoot birds at green pigs, which are located at different positions. Game's popularity is growing from year to year since the first release in 2009, it sold 12 million copies of the game, we also offer the Angry birds online. The company - the manufacturer constantly updates, supplements and improves the game.The game's plot is tied to the terrible "tragedy" in which green pigs steal the eggs they want to cook eggs, and the poor birds have no choice, as struggling to defend their young. Insidious enemies are hiding in buildings, which are made up of different blocks - wood, concrete, ice, snow, sand, and clouds. Releasing birds from a slingshot, you must destroy all the pigs in each level. Level is passed, when the last svinyushka be destroyed. All 27 levels in the game, but the bonus eggs provide additional levels. Birds, the different colors have different abilities, so the red birds are available from the first level, they earn points. Bluebirds are effective against the glass blocks in flight tripled. Yellow birds have a triangular shape to be effective in the destruction of wooden blocks, can accelerate and change trajectory. As well there are black, white, green, orange and ice bird. Besides the standard birds, each new themed version has its heroes in Angry Birds Rio for example there are parrots Darling and pearls.In addition to the classical version of the game, the company released festive game for Christmas (Season's Greedings), Halloween (Trick or Treat), Valentine's Day (Hogs and Kisses), St. Patrick's Day (Go Green, Get Lucky), Easter (Easter Eggs) and others . So, are you ready for a fun adventure?

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