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Action Action games mean the passage of high complexity levels. In the game, players will collect bonuses to perform certain tasks, battle enemies. Active games among gamers call "Action", they are popular in both children and adults. Most often, these games are based on movies, comics or cartoons. In general, active games are simple, both in terms of in terms of the passage, and in the requirements for computer resources. The basic sense - to reach the end of the level, and then move to the next level and so to end the game. Usually in Action does not include a lot of levels, and be fairly simple.Modern Action games are endowed with enough quality traced interface and skillful playing field. Run in such a game is both interesting and enjoyable. The main feature - ease. To complete a certain level does not require excessive force. A classic example of this category of game is the legendary Mario. Modern Action include both logic component, which makes them interesting for adults.All action games can be divided into several categories: text, graphics, action adventure, puzzles and quests, "leaving the room." Text adventures there is rare and mostly in the form of mini-games in the larger games. The basis of these games were on the control parsers verbs. The first representatives were playing Colossal Cave Adventure, Hunting Vampusa and Zork.The first graphic adventure games have been around since the early 1980s. Although there is "graphic" they were after the transition to «point-and-click», that is, the management by means of arrow keys or the mouse, and this happened in 1985. Monkey Island and Space Quest brightest representatives category.The meaning is as puzzles to collect objects, and in using them. Along the way, may be required reading random messages posted or research. Myst game was first used by the style. Group games "leave the room" speaks for itself, they must find a way out of the room.

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