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Before I put my daughter to play some game, think, than seven years of fond little lady? After all, the children their world and its interests. Girls usually love to play dressing room or cooking. Some want to be a fairy fairy fairy-mistress of the country or stay a little cafe. Kids Games - the subject of attention of educators and psychologists, because the child's mind is formed, and the imprint of the game sure it will stay. Largely on what your kids are playing, depends, then what they will become in the future. Computer Games for 7 years for girls are selected very carefully, and hopefully they will like children and parents. All games can be divided into several groups.Games like "Beauty Shop" opened for a child luxurious world of style, glamor and fashion. Here they will be able to create a unique and extraordinary images. These games develop taste and create your own style. The child will feel like a real fashion designer, makeup artist and master of disguise. In a virtual beauty salon can do makeup, hair, manicure. At the disposal of the entire arsenal of brushes, ploek, scissors, manicure sets and other instruments for cosmetic procedures. Some computer games do offer haircuts to choose clothes for Barbie and Bratz. These games are not only interesting and fun, but also useful in their child receives the first business skill. Games in the "Restaurant" can feel like a restaurant chef or a cozy cafe. Puzzles and coloring remain popular outside of time. Puzzle games help develop attention, memory, and imagination. These images are very useful for the cognitive abilities of children and the development of logical and creative thinking. Human perception is subject to training, puzzles can be guided in terms of color and shape, as well as to compare the whole and parts. Coloring is very popular and suitable for children of any age. They help shape the aesthetic perception, wit, intelligence, ability to match colors and tones.

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