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Hanging is a fun way to flash games. No additional effort and requirements - simply choose to taste and play. Games online 4 elements - colorful, made in different genres, such as the quest, the search for differences or gather three. Curlicue are intertwined, creating more than just an interesting game. Your goal in the game is to restore the magical books of four elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water. To do this, first you will be offered a quest to find a key that opens the book. Opening it, you have to restore the magic cards and magical text of pages of each book. In this difficult task will be your assistant Forest Little Fairy. She will give advice on how to easily pass a certain level, and tells you where to find a particular item. But for this little fairy and magicians assistants to save.Is the story of a beautiful country, where life was in his usual line, and everything went on as usual. Magee kept order, and the people engaged in everyday life. But one day it all collapsed, mages not cope with their tasks, and disasters engulfed the country. If it was a good story, it would be possible to be sure that all will end well, but it is a game and help to cope with a disaster once you are able to.Levels of the game look lively and bright, and pointers will not allow you to get stuck in the passage of fun games. For players strategists created a map to help you choose the shortest route. For the destruction of obstacles to be allocated a chain of three or more arcane chips. In addition to the manipulation of the chips we expect mini-games in the genre "I'm looking for", and you will look for the key next to each altar. Game 4 of the element has an interesting story that will appeal to all the family, from the youngest to the serious study of the pope.From a technical point of view, the game will appreciate high-quality animated graphics, great sound. Extraordinary world of magic in your hands, show ingenuity, logic and patience, and all your efforts will be rewarded, and then thanks to the people would be no limit.

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