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Online game: BS - Blood and Soul (Blood and Soul)
Alternative names: Blood and Soul, blood and soul, fornication End Soul

Three global elements come together in a furious confrontation, heaven, hell, and earth, obitovanaya mortals. Yes, the idea is certainly not shocking originality, but it performed quite efficiently. And if you add on more to the quality and the fact that Russian developers still brought into it something new and interesting, and that generally the game will seem brilliant. We are discussing a gaming product, the game Blood and Soul. In dan multiplayer fantasy in the course is the story of how the sky has broken pots of Hell. As a result, the inhabitants of the other world have found a way to get to the ground, where they still live peacefully - good preying human race, and enslaved him. So and suffering humanity would muchilos the violent throes, if not for the messengers of heaven. Higher power sglyanulis over mortals, and sent them in a most wonderful elves and the ability to create protective artifacts. So in BS play very entertaining.

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